Anti Aging Pills

Anti Aging Pills

Anti Aging Pills

People often ask whether anti aging pills actually work and if so how do they work.

There are a lot more options on the market these days simply because there is such a huge demand for any type of anti aging product and the research that has been done in recent years has helped to create many products that are able to actually make a difference to our appearance and our lifespan.

Most of the anti aging pills work by helping to stimulate the body to produce more of it’s own anti aging properties.

Supplements that contain antioxidants and omega 3 oils will provide the body with additional protection against free radicals that cause aging but many other supplements such as those that are associated with human growth hormone actually stimulate the body to produce more of its own human growth hormone rather than supplying it with additional human growth hormone.

Other anti aging products will help to boost collagen production which will help to ward off the aging affect that a lack of collagen will cause to the skin.

As we age the production of collagen diminishes and this causes the aging affect where the skin loses its tone. Supplements that can stimulate the production of collagen will have a very positive affect on the way we look.

Even the natural products that are sold for anti aging will usually work towards helping the body to produce more of it’s own anti aging properties and this is often more effective as there are limitations as to what can be sold over the counter without a prescription and the quantities that are required for specific anti aging ingredients to work will usually be too large and most often too expensive.

When you are buying a product at the local health store that has the letters HGH written across don’t assume that you are actually buying human growth hormone. You will be buying a human growth hormone stimulant.


The most popular antioxidants that are used for skin care products are the vitamins A, C and E.

Scientific tests have shown that they help to improve the condition of the skin and reduce additional damage occurring that causes the aging effect that we are seeking to eliminate.

The damage to the skin is caused by free radicals and antioxidants help to fight off these free radicals and thereby improve the condition of the skin.

Antioxidants are in no way harmful to the skin and not only can they protect the skin from damage but they have been to shown to actually reverse some of the damage that has already occurred to the skin of many people.

This has an anti aging effect and the publicity that has surrounded the discovery of this information has resulted in antioxidants being included in almost all skin care products to meet the demands of the consumer.

Sun damaged skin in particular has been shown to improve in condition when antioxidants have been applied directly to the affected area.

There are various different sources of antioxidants and some of the more popular ones are grape seed extract and green tea extract.

Grape seed extract has shown to reduce inflammation of the skin and in addition it helps to strengthen the capillary walls. It is a popular inclusion in many skin care products due to these properties.

Green tea on the other hand has shown to reduce the size of pre-cancerous skin lesions in various tests due to the active ingredient catechins.

With the use of these naturally occurring antioxidants the damage that is caused to the skin by the free radicals that degrade the collagen and elastin is reduced and the positive effect that they have in assisting the skin to renew damaged cells has the desired anti aging effect that people are looking for.

Anti Aging AntiOxidants

The cells of the body have been shown to divide for a specific number of times for each individual in their lifetime. By the time a person leaves their teenage years behind almost half of their cell division quota has been used up.

This causes the physical changes in the body that are represented by aging and anything that we can do to slow down this process of cell division will increase life expectancy.

As we continue to age and move towards our early forties almost another half of the remaining cells are used up leaving only 25 – 30 percent available for the rest of our lives.

Obviously when the final allotment of cells are used up the outcome is death.

So what can we do to slow this down and extend our years?

The main cause of the speed by which the cells will degenerate is from free radicals and fortunately scientific research has determined that this rate can be slowed with the introduction of more antioxidants which reduces the free radicals.

The more free radicals we have the faster the rate the body ages.

What are free radicals?

They are the harmful substances that are the result of oxidation and occur naturally in the body.

It is only when they attack the healthy cells in the body that they cause a problem however they are unable to distinguish between which cells are good and which ones are bad.

It is the destruction of healthy cells that causes the aging process and if more pronounced they can cause other more serious disorders and diseases.

By reducing these free radicals with the help of antioxidants the body clock is slowed down and we are able to look and feel younger for longer.

While the body is unable to produce its own antioxidants without help we must get a sufficient supply in the foods that we eat as it is the distinct function of antioxidants to act on these free radicals and maintain the necessary balance to maintain optimum health.

The best sources of antioxidants are found in foods such as berries, broccoli, carrots, garlic, red grapes, soy, spinach, tea, tomatoes and whole grains.

By adding these to your diet on a regular basis you should be getting sufficient in your body to maintain a healthy balance and reduce the aging process.

Essential Fats

Essential Fats are so named because they are essential for optimum health however most people don’t understand the importance and health benefits of the different types of fats.

As the body doesn’t manufacture essential fats and they are necessary for our longevity then we must get them from the consumption of the foods we have in our diet.

Unfortunately the majority of people get their fats from the wrong sources of foods and in doing so have a detrimental affect on health and well-being.

The correct fats will help your skin to remain more supple and hydrated and as expected that will help you to get fewer wrinkles.

So what are the best supplies of essential fats?

Oily fish such as tuna, sardines, salmon and herring are high in Omega-3 fats as are soya and kidney beans.

These Omega-3 fats help to transport oxygen throughout the body and assist in the healthy functioning of all aspects of the body.

Be sure to check where these products are sourced from however as some of the Soya beans for instance have been genetically modified.

Almonds, pecans and walnuts all have high percentages of omega-6 and are an excellent source of essential fat as are sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

These seeds are good to keep as a snack as they will help to maintain more level blood sugar levels and ward off hunger that might make you choose foods that have low nutrition value to boost energy levels.

Many people accept symptoms of ill health as something that is just a part of aging such as dry skin and eyes, poor memory, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and many more health related problems that are all associated with a lack of essential fatty acids.

While we can still expect to get some of these problems with aging, getting a sufficient supply of these good fats will help to avoid or postpone them until a lot later in life.

Grape Seed Antioxidant

It is clear from scientific research that antioxidants can have a big influence on the rate that we age and tests have also shown that one of the best sources of antioxidants is from grape seed extract.

The various different types of antioxidants all have varying degrees of health benefits for the specific areas that they help.

Some antioxidants will help reduce the percentage of fat in our body by speeding up the metabolism and helping to burn fat while others will help to protect us against cancer and various other diseases.

Obviously having a combination of foods containing the different antioxidants will be the best way to improve health and assist in remaining younger.

Grape seed however seems to be the antioxidant that has shown to deliver better results than other sources and it is this antioxidant that the cosmetic industry has been adding to many of it’s products to target those people who have been following the news and research that has shown it to have excellent anti aging properties.

Grape seed extract helps to strengthen blood vessels and in doing so stops them from becoming weakened and damaged.

This helps with the circulation of the blood and the removal of toxins from the body.

The active ingredient that is mostly responsible for this is OPC or oligomeric procyanidin that was first discovered by a French Chemist.

The active ingredients that are present in grape seed extract can actually reverse damage that has already been done by free radicals and in doing so reverse some of the aging process of the body.

It’s no wonder that grape seed extract has attracted so much attention.

With twenty times more strength than Vitamin C and fifty times more than Vitamin A the medical profession is even using it for the treatment of people who have suffered from heart disease to aid in their recovery.

There is a lot more research that will be going into the properties of grape seed extract and its benefits for anti aging.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

HGH is a hot topic and has been for quite some time as more and more people are looking for ways to retain or reclaim their youth.

There are many products on the market now that are catering to people who have read about the advantages that HGH can give them in their anti aging quest.

So what is HGH?

It stands for human growth hormone and is the hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain.

This is the gland that is also responsible for the production of estrogen and testosterone.

HGH is important for healthy cell growth and for muscle building and bone development.

HGH, along with the liver and other tissues in the body stimulates the production of IGF-I which is insulin-like growth factor I.

Correct levels of HGH will help children to develop at an acceptable rate and when this isn’t happening doctors will sometimes prescribe HGH supplements to make up for the deficit.

It has often been used by sportspeople and particularly bodybuilders seeking additional muscles mass.

After the age of 30 or so the production of HGH peaks and the ability for the body to maintain the same levels of healthy cell growth diminishes.

This reduction in the supply of HGH affects many areas of the body’s development and as a result the aging process begins to increase with various factors being affected.

Hair loss becomes more prevalent and nails and bones become more brittle.

The skin begins to become thinner and loses its elasticity which causes it to become loose.

Muscle mass is harder to maintain and begins to decrease and along with the reduction in muscle mass there is a tendency to store more fat.

These are all areas of aging that we want to stop and the more we can lessen the effect that this drop in Human Growth Hormone production can have on the body the younger we will look for longer.

Obviously people have looked towards Human Growth Hormone therapy as a way to reduce the symptoms that are inevitable.

The general procedure is for HGH to be injected beneath the skin. Another option is to ingest HGH releasers that help the body to produce more of its own HGH by combining with amino acids and vitamins.

Many people now market natural products that are available at reasonable rates that are designed to assist the body in creating more of its own HGH.

Anti Aging and Medication

Various forms of medication can affect the condition of the skin making it look puffy, lifeless, and dry or various other states depending on the type of medication and the quantities that are being taken.

While there is often nothing that can be done to reduce or eliminate the need for medications improving your overall levels of health can often help to reduce medication requirements in some people.

Even taking sleeping pills in an effort to cope with insomnia can affect the condition of the skin particularly if they have been used for long periods of time.

Obviously there are more effective methods to cope with these types of problems where yoga and meditation will work better than sleeping pills without the side effects that will affect aging.

Taking pills for headaches that are related to over indulging in alcohol consumption will affect the skin when remaining hydrated is a better solution and drinking in moderation will stop you having to cope with the consequences in the first place.

Over time, many forms of medication will affect the aging process and anywhere that you can eliminate medication while maintaining good health will help to keep the skin looking better and slow down the aging process.

You will need to look at this in a sensible manner as coping with any form of pain can place a huge drain in the body and make a person look older and tired so in such circumstances the right medication that reduces pain can actually make you look younger.

Each situation needs to be viewed by the way that it will affect your individual requirements and managed accordingly.

Anything other than good natural products can be expected to have some affect on the condition of your health and ultimately your skin which determines how old others believe you to be and how young you will feel in yourself.