Plastic Surgery or Botox?

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

For most people plastic surgery won’t be an option in their anti aging quest.

For those who want to live longer they might not see any benefits in plastic surgery simply because it appears to be only a change of the external picture of the person.

It’s true that changes that will affect your inner self will have a greater affect on your ability to live longer than an external makeover whether in the form of plastic surgery or more simply by less intrusive forms of ‘upgrade’ such as makeup, hair color and styling and so on.

One thing that many people don’t seem to understand is the fact that plastic surgery can also have a huge impact on the inner self.

Plastic surgery can give a person newfound confidence with the way they look. It can be enough to inspire them onto greater goals where they decide to make lifestyle changes that will help them to live longer.

It can remove the stress and anxiety than can be associated with having to live with a part of yourself that you aren’t happy with.

Anything that can make a person feel and act more positively, provided it doesn’t harm their health in any way can also have a positive effect on their lifespan.

Fortunately with the major progress that has been made over the years with plastic surgery you can expect better results and the techniques that are used allow for less time for recover and more options to get what you desire.

A lot of this surgery is more affordable and even though it shouldn’t be of any concern what other people think, plastic surgery is more acceptable with the general public as a greater proportion of people are getting plastic surgery now than ever before.

If you have done your research and know what you want then provided you get a good surgeon it can do wonders for you in many different ways.


Botox has become very popular because it is so effective in reducing and often eliminating the visible effects of aging.

By having Botox injections in the upper areas of the face frown lines between the eyebrows can disappear and fine lines (crows feet) at the sides of the eyes can also be eliminated.

Botox has also shown to have positive affects at lifting the brow when injected in the right place by an experienced skin care professional.

It can have results that are as good as cosmetic surgery although they will be temporary and depending on the patient they will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

Botox acts by paralyzing the muscles where it is injected and this stops them from pulling the skin causing the lines that are visible.

Even though Botox treatments are only temporary they tend to last longer the more times they are applied to a specific area and some people can get very long lasting results.

What makes Botox all the more popular is it is relatively cost effective when compared to other methods and the procedure takes very little time and can be done in a lunch break with no disruption to everyday work.

By intercepting the messages that are sent to the brain Botox stops the muscles from reacting in situations where, for instances, glare is encountered and one would tend to frown. This allows the skin to remain wrinkle free and smooth.

The sooner Botox treatments are started the less chance there will be for wrinkle and frown lines appearing and many people are getting treatments at a younger age to ensure that they retain their youthful appearance for as long as possible.

Often the first treatment will not give the desired results and a ‘top up’ treatment will be required to make sure that it works as expected.

Botox Alternatives

There are a number of products on the market that have been getting good reports for their ability to deliver the same results as Botox. While this will depend entirely on how they react with you there is a possibility that they will go some way towards helping to reduce wrinkles.

It is unlikely that you will get results as good as can be achieved with Botox but there are still many people who are reluctant to use Botox and these alternatives might be sufficient for what is needed.

The fact that Botox became so popular due to the success of the treatment spurred the cosmetics industry into action looking for alternatives that they could cash in with.

These Botox alternatives are classed as line relaxers and the anti aging affect that they deliver is a result of the ingredients in their formulas that soften the lines on the face that are caused by frowning and smiling.

The ingredients that are most commonly used in these products are peptides and neuro-peptides. As peptides are naturally occurring in the body many people are happier to use these than Botox. These peptides act on the muscles that cause the lines on the face and help to make the skin smoother.

Other products use GABA which is the body’s natural muscle relaxant. Reports are mixed as to whether this has any positive affect on the reduction of wrinkles and if at all it would only target the smaller lines and certainly not offer anywhere near the benefits that can be gained from Botox treatment.

As it is not possible to affect the underlying muscles in the area where this product is applied the manufacturers claim that the anti-aging affect that it will deliver is due to a combination of factors including the GABA and the other ingredients that they include in their formulas.

While it might appear to be a more cost effective solution to your problem of wrinkles you will need to take into account the fact that Botox will have a greater impact at reducing lines and will last for several months at a time with most people.


Where the skin is in a state of disrepair and laser treatment isn’t sufficient to fix the problems then it might be necessary to consider having a photo facial.

Photo facials have the ability to make a more positive impact on the repair of deep seated skin problems that laser can’t often treat such as scarring, rosacea, broken capillaries and pigmentation problems that haven’t responded to laser treatment.

By delivering the treatment through the use of varying levels of wavelengths a photo facial can penetrate deeper into the skin and fix problems that other treatments can’t help.

The more treatments you get the better the results will be and it is generally recommended that a course of treatments will be necessary for optimum improvements to the skin.

The treatments don’t take long at all – usually about 30 minutes and you can return to work immediately afterwards. It is necessary to wear a sunscreen after treatment when venturing outside but that is a habit that you should have already if you intend to look your best as you age.

For some people with sensitive skin there can be a drying of the skin after treatment and commonly there can be redness that will go away after a short time.

The rejuvenating effect that photo facials can have may surprise some people as the results are often better than expected and the changes are fast compared with other alternative methods.

You will need to do some research before booking your treatment as it is only as good as the person doing it so recommendations from other happy customers are your best bet for a good result.

The initial consultation should include a thorough checkup of your skin and a discussion of any factors that concern you such as sensitivities that could affect the final outcome.

Resurfacing & Face Peels

By removing the outer layer of the skin with laser resurfacing the skin care specialist has the ability to reduce discoloration and other problems that are signs of aging.

Fine lines and wrinkles can disappear or at the very least be diminished and even scars can be faded somewhat where they are unnoticeable or can be hidden with a light foundation.

As well as improving the colors and marks on the skin, laser resurfacing also helps to tighten the skin and has the effect of a mild face lift for many people which gives a more youthful appearance.

This tightening of the skin can help it to remain firm for several months at a time after the initial treatment.

People respond differently to the laser resurfacing treatment with some getting more benefits than others.

The laser also stimulates the growth of new collagen which helps the skin to remain tighter and appear younger looking.

A good dermatologist is always recommended as the laser treatment needs specific techniques when applied to the various skin tones.

There are also two types of lasers that are commonly used and the dermatologist will need to decide which one will be most appropriate and in some cases both will need to be used to target varying levels of scarring.

Laser treatments can in fact cause scarring to the skin with people who have dark complexions so a well recommended professional is always necessary to ensure there is no damage caused in the process.

Infection after the treatment can be a concern and often medication is required to avoid any complications.

Another concern is with those people who have sensitive skin where recovery can take longer and infection can be more likely.

While there are the possibility of problems with this form of treatment, if done right the results can be very good and help make the skin look rejuvenated and help to turn back the clock.

Caring for Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin will remove the dead skin cells that get blocked in the pores. These dead cells can often fool people into believing that their skin is dry and will give a dry appearance if they aren’t removed.

Once the skin has been exfoliated and a good moisturizer applied the complexion will look alive and give the skin a refreshed look that will help you to look younger.

Finding the correct exfoliating products and moisturizers can take some time until you find ones that are compatible with your skin type.

Get advice from people who understand the various requirements of the different skin types and then test small samples of these products to see how they react with your skin. If you have sensitive skin then you will need to be particularly careful with the products that you choose.

Once you find products that are suitable and use them on a daily basis you will find that the condition of your skin can improve quite considerably and this will make you look healthier and younger.

Regular skin treatment will also help to keep your skin in top condition for a lot longer so you will tend to age slower than you would if you didn’t use these products regularly.

The sooner you start using good face care products the better your skin will cope with the environment and that will auger well for your future youthful appearance.

Consider skin care products as your insurance against the ravages of time and they are one of the best investments that you can make aside from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

By caring for your skin when you are younger you will save a lot of money on more expensive treatments to repair damage and aging later in life and there is nothing better than care and maintenance to ward off the signs of old age.

Surgery & Alternatives

Surgical procedures have advanced considerably in recent years and the results that can be gained from anti aging surgery are very effective and becoming a lot more common with each passing year.

From fat removal with liposuction to brow lifts and chin lifts there is a lot that can be done to make a person look many years younger than their age.

With the latest in equipment, scarring is kept to a minimum and surgery has been simplified with the associated reduction in recovery time.

There are many more areas where surgery is being offered to ensure that the signs of aging are kept at bay even to the extent that many people are even getting knee lifts so the skin surrounding the knees doesn’t look baggy as it can with age.

All these surgical procedures, while being affected by the condition of the patient and factors such as skin sensitivities, are only as good as the surgeon performing the surgery.

A good operation can produce quite stunning results for anti aging however mediocre surgery can give a result that is worse than not having had surgery at all so it is well worth spending as much time as possible talking to the surgeon and his/her patients to determine whether they will deliver the desired results that you are after.

There are many surgeons to choose from and those with the good reputations will be known to all so even where you will probably need to spend more money for their services the investment over the long-term for your looks and self esteem will be well worthwhile.

It is one area that you just can’t afford to take any risks as the horror stories for botched surgery are widespread.

You can never do too much research when it comes to something as important as cosmetic surgery.